Terms of use

1. Website terms of use

Use of the website “https://www.varicosu-net.com” (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”), is conditional upon acceptance of the Terms of use (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”).

By using the Site, the Internet user (hereinafter referred to as the “User”) acknowledges having read the present Terms, declares to accept them without reserve and undertakes to abide by them. We recommend the User to consult the Terms regularly as their content may change.

2. General information

The Site “https://www.varicosu-net.com” is published by LES LABORATOIRES SERVIER, SAS – a simplified joint-stock company with a capital of 34,590,852 Euros, registered with the Trade and Companies’ Register of Nanterre under number 085 480 796, the head office of which is located at 50, rue Carnot – 92284 Suresnes – France – Tel: 00 33 (0)1 55 72 60 00. LES LABORATOIRES SERVIER is a company of SERVIER.

The Publication director is Mr Olivier Gryson, Director of Digital communication.

The Site “https://www.varicosu-net.com” is hosted by PRAXIS, a limited liability company with a share capital of 7800 Euros, registered with the Trade and Companies’ Register of Nanterre under number 321 423 204, the head office of which is located at 50, rue Carnot – 92284 Suresnes – France.

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3. Intellectual property

The User acknowledges that all content available on the Site including, but not limited to, the text, graphics, photographs, designs, sounds, data, images, audio, video, in addition to the Site’s structure, navigation plan, logos, section design, section layout, section headings, databases, database structure and content, trademarks (hereinafter referred to as “Content”) are the exclusive property of LES LABORATOIRES SERVIER.

The Content is intended for the User’s personal information only and within the strict limits of use of the Site in accordance with the present Terms. Any other form of use of the Content by any means whatsoever without the prior and express authorisation of LES LABORATOIRES SERVIER is forbidden and would constitute an infringement.

The trademarks of SERVIER and its partners, as well as the logos displayed on the Site are registered trademarks. Any reproduction, in whole, or in part, of these trademarks or logos, using components taken from the Site without the prior and express authorisation of their holders is prohibited.

The User undertakes to use the Site:

– for its intended purpose;

– for personal use to the exclusion of all commercial or promotional activity;

– in compliance with copyright;

– without using bots or any other automated means to access and use its content, and without attempting to interfere with the Site;

– without attempting to copy it, reproduce it in whole or in part, render it accessible or disseminate it by any means to unauthorised third parties.

4. Use of the Site

The Site’s services and content are for the Users’ personal use and cannot be used for the benefit of a company or any other organisation, or for professional, promotional, marketing or commercial purposes.

The User is informed that the information published on the Site does not constitute medical advice, and it is particularly recommended not to make decisions based solely on the information contained on this Site.

The User must in no event use information disseminated via the Site to establish a diagnosis or determine treatment, and must consult the competent healthcare professionals responsible for his or her follow-up and care prior to any medical decision.

5. Responsibility

LES LABORATOIRES SERVIER provides Users with information relating to the health domain and articles from the specialist press in accordance with the legal and regulatory obligations imposed on pharmaceutical companies and in particular the provisions of the French Public Health Code.

LES LABORATOIRES SERVIER cannot be held liable for the use made by the User of the information and services proposed on the Site and/or whilst browsing.

It is expressly agreed that LES LABORATOIRES SERVIER is subject to a “best efforts” obligation with respect to the execution of the present Terms and the implementation of the Site, including in particular the completeness, quality, and exhaustiveness of the information and services proposed on it and the continuity of access to the Site.

LES LABORATOIRES SERVIER cannot be held responsible by the User for any direct or indirect damage resulting from browsing the Site, or from the use of or impossibility of using the content, information or services proposed via the Site. Notwithstanding all efforts by LES LABORATOIRES SERVIER and its technical service providers, the User is informed that the reliability of the Internet cannot be guaranteed, especially in terms of security of data transmission, continuity of Site access, performance in terms of the volume and speed of data transmission, and virus propagation.

In all cases, the User acknowledges in particular that the information and services offered on the Site:

– may be interrupted due to events of force majeure or that are beyond LES LABORATOIRES SERVIER’s control or for which LES LABORATOIRES SERVIER is not responsible;

– may contain technical or human errors;

– may result in occasional data loss.

6. Hyperlinks

This Site may provide links to other websites. However, because it has no control over the content of such websites and because their content could change, LES LABORATOIRES SERVIER shall not be held liable for the content, practices or standards of third-party websites.

Furthermore, the presence of a hyperlink to a third-party website does not necessarily reflect the views of LES LABORATOIRES SERVIER, its employees or its partners. LES LABORATOIRES SERVIER shall not be held liable for the content of third-party websites accessible via hyperlinks and makes no representation as to their content or their accuracy.

Thus access by the User to third-party websites is his or her sole and entire responsibility, at his or her own risk and in compliance with the terms and conditions of use of those websites.

7. General provisions

LES LABORATOIRES SERVIER reserves the right to modify these Terms. The User’s continued browsing and use of the Site constitute acceptance of these modifications.

Should one or more of these Terms become invalid for whatever reason, the other provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

The present Terms are governed by French law in both form and substance.